Is Anwar Hadid about to Launch His Own Jewelry Line?

Ten days ago, Anwar Hadid, the youngest in the Hadid modelling dynasty, posted a mysterious photo which seemed to be taken from an ad campaign for an unknown label called Martyre. Ever since the name appeared on the model’s Instagram feed, suspicions about his role in the label’s inception have abounded.

Suitably, the eldest child Gigi Hadid kicked off a plethora of jewelry collaborations for the Hadid clan, with her diamond-laced collaboration with Valérie Messika. Shortly after, middle child Bella, went for a rockier vibe with her silver-based Chrome Heartscollaboration. Now, the youngest Hadid sibling, Anwar, has come to feel the burn of a jewelry-collaboration magnifying glass upon him. His fashion-world decisions until now have been deeply personal, staying true to his own character and purporting his political views. His mother, Yolanda Hadid, revealed in an interview that he designs a vast majority of his own clothing, and it would seem that now jewelry has caught his creative eye, as a few weeks ago the name Martyre mysteriously appeared. A website for the as-of-yet anonymous label shows only his bio and a solitary picture of Anwar surrounded by women’s hands, covered in silver rings. There are no other clues to what the label is, will be or who else is involved, as to whether Anwar is the artistic director or simply the label’s face, that also remains a mystery. Watch this space…

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