Anwar Hadid and Yoni Laham Take Jewelry Personally

Model Anwar Hadid and musician Yoni Laham come together to introduce the world to a new gender-neutral jewelry label, Martyre. Hadid and Laham formed the brand with a vision of breaking traditions and exploring new concepts in jewelry design, and to create timeless and memorable pieces.

The two also put an emphasis on making their accessories worthy of carrying their clientele's memories, sentiments, promises, and personal value. Laham says, "We want people to feel a lasting connection to the pieces they invest in." Hadid shares, "I have a ring that my mom has saved for me since I was young that was handed down to her from her parents when she was young. I would say this is my most valued piece of jewelry because of the sentiment and family history it holds."

PAPER spoke with Martyre's creators about the inspiration behind their jewelry, their distinct design, and future collections.

How did the idea for Martyre come about?

Anwar: Yoni and I always shared a like-minded point of view when it came to design. We started to look around at our friends and peers who were creating in the fashion space and it inspired us to do the same. One day the idea hit us and we knew we wanted to launch Martyre with jewelry.

Why "Martyre"?

Yoni: We found meaning in the word that resonated with us - particularly that of individual strength and the pursuit of what you believe in. While pulling inspiration from different centuries of art, we became drawn to a certain style and design that happened to feature various cultural examples of martyrs - we liked the way it was written with an 'e' at the end, which allowed us to make it our own.

What are the most important details in your pieces? What makes them distinctly a Martyre piece?

Y: The detailing on all of our pieces is super intricate to convey the level of craftsmanship that goes into creating each one. Our hand clasp is something we really love that makes our necklaces and bracelets distinctly Martyre and we hope this will be a true signature of the brand as we continue to grow.

What inspires Martyre's style?

A: True artists and creators inspire us. Those who have the determination to pursue their dreams and the courage to face failure. We find that jewelry is very personal, so we aim to connect with people on a deeper level, beyond just style

What do you want people buying Martyre to get out of the pieces they purchase?

Y: With fast fashion and luxury resell dominating so much of retail these days, a lot of people aren't connecting with the things they buy. Jewelry is personal - it could be a right of passage, a pledge of love, or simply a decoration to your personal style, but above all else it's meaningful and that's what we hope the purchase of our pieces to be.

Right now, Martyre has around 6-8 styles each for bracelets, rings, and earrings. Are you looking to expand the line?

Y: Yes definitely. Our second collection is near complete and we've already begun thinking about Collection 3, but that's all we can tell you for now!

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