The lesson Anwar Hadid learnt from his sisters

The Hadid’s are a hardworking bunch. Here’s what we can learn from them. 

As the brother to two of the most recognisable women in the world, Gigi and Bella Hadid, 19-year-old Anwar Hadid has some big shoes to fill. But as anyone who has ever followed either of the three on Instagram, or met them in person, it’s definitely less about competition and more about support in the Hadid family.

Speaking to Anwar ahead of his appearance at the David Jones spring/summer ’18 show, we got a sense of the communal love shared between the siblings — who range from Anwar, 19, to Bella, 21, and Gigi the eldest at 23. “I love them and I am just happy for them and happy that they get to use their platforms for good,” Anwar said, in between offering us lollies from his “candy table”. “I know that they have so many plans to do great things in the world, besides work, so I am happy for them and I just cant wait for the future.”

Not exactly the love/hate relationship we have with our siblings, right? 

“We grew up in Santa Barbara in Montecito and I don’t even remember my first memory, there are so many memories. But a good memory is Gigi and Bella who both won this championship for horseback riding and I was there when I was really young and I used to eat food and hang out with friends and just watch it. We used to be at the barn and be around horses and animals and I just remember always being there and having fun,” he says, sharing his favourite childhood memory of growing up as a Hadid. 

Now a bonafide model in his own right, and a budding jewellery designer (Anwar’s own line, Martyr, is currently in the works), the youngest Hadid has his own claws in the fashion industry. However, when your entire family is a model (Yolanda Foster, the siblings’ mother, was also a model), there are some things you learn around the dinner table that others (ahem, us) don’t. But when it comes to his sisters’ best advice, Anwar is quick to point out it’s all about staying true to yourself and respecting the people you’re working with. 

“My sisters are always telling me, and have always told me to respect and be respectful to everyone and make sure to remember that it takes a sea of people to create one project. Even though there are certain people that are given credit for—if you get what I’m saying? Like, it takes so many more people who will never get credit. It takes so many people to create one project and I always have to remember that everyone is a part of that,” he says. 

Can we join the Hadid family, too, Anwar?

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